Crisis Communication

crisis-commA crisis can occur anytime or anywhere and when it strikes it is invariably unexpected, frequently complex and the organisation involved is typically far more concerned with resolving the core issues than in considering how they may be portrayed to their customer base by the media. In such unfortunate situations, the way a company handles a crisis can mean the difference between success and failure. Failure can result in serious harm to a company’s brand, causing humiliation, loss of sales and even the downfall of your business.

Avid Media Solutions (AMS) will be on your company’s side, ready to offer guidance whenever these unfortunate episodes occur. We understand the importance of quick and truthful responses. We have years of professional experience handling crisis communications management. As your crisis management counsellors, AMS will convey accurate information to the public and to specific audiences during a crisis situation and help your company prepare long before a crisis occurs.

AMS will show your business how to put communication first and mitigate negative outcomes that can be detrimental to your company’s success. We offer a number of crisis communications related solutions, including:

  1. Strategic crisis planning, to develop processes that are to be brought to bear in the event of a disaster
  2. Crisis management, to work with a client that has been hit by a crisis and is looking for successful resolution and assistance with dealing with media